AMD Eyefinity vs nvidia Surround?

I currently have a 3 Samsung s27b350h 27" LED monitors setup in eyefinity on my Sapphire 7970 OC. I got a bonus at work and was going to get another 7970 for xfire but I recently got a decent offer for my 7970 from a friend so I got to thinking about getting a GTX 690 instead of the xfire 7970's. I have used ATI cards for all of my builds in the past and on my most recent builds been using eyefinity which I quite like as well as CCC and the ease of use setting up these displays.

So to my question; Is nvidia's Surround as easy to setup and is it as good as eyefinity in terms of bezel control and all of that good stuff? Anyone have any issues using Surround with a 690? Also, any suggestions on which brand? I rather like Asus products, but I have never had one of their GPU's. I also have never had an EVGA card so any pros / cons on either would be great.

Lastly, anyone know anything about the release date of the 7990 and would it be better to just wait for that?

Sorry for all of the questions, any help is much appreciated!
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  1. regarding multi monitor setup some people prefer amd implementation and some other prefer nvidia. with the 600 series nvidia triple monitor are much easier to do than their previous solution (needing cards paired in sli to get enabled surround mode). you can google more about it. there are several article and discussion in forums regarding the two in comparison

    btw with 690 all cards are based on nvidia reference design so which brand to get comes down to which company have best customer service.

    about 7990 amd decided to leave it to their partner to release the card which means the there will be no reference design or official support from amd themselves for the card. there a few company already release their custom design 7990. power color was among the first to release it their own version of 7990 (7990 Devil 13)
  2. Surround is just as easy to setup and has bezel options also. Unlike the 500-series, the 600-series can do surround on a single card and each card can output to any combination of monitor connectors (there is no requirement to use DisplayPort).

    The trouble with the $1000 GTX 690 for surround is the 2gb of vram per chip. For $1000 I'd want something a little more future-proofed for surround like 2 x 680 4gb. Actually, I'd probably go for 2 x 7970 ghz ed. OCed (less expensive, better value). But I personally wouldn't buy a 690 for surround because of its vram. Since you already have a 7970, buy another, OC them both, and don't look back. Assuming of course, your system has the mobo, power and cooling requirements : )
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