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I'm trying to figure out an issue i'm having... Someone built me a system with a 2gb nvidia graphics card. Problem is, it only runs 2 monitors at a time. So i tried turning on the integrated intel graphics in the bios, and that worked, i plugged the third monitor into the motherboard and it worked, but my video editing was affected, it got very sluggish (adobe premiere).

My question is, by turning on the intel graphics, does that take over instead of the video card?

Also, is it possible to get a cheap 50 dollar video card to use just to power the other screen? The salseguy at b and h told me no, you can only use one at a time...

I would get the same one and SLI them but i cant find this one anymore..
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  1. Your system got sluggish because when you switched on the integrated graphics you made your CPU and RAM the primary source for compiling your video instead of the GPU and RAM on your graphics card. i would not recomend a secondary card beacuse conflicts will arise in the system. your best bet is to find another card like yours and SLI them.
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