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Hey, community I need some questions answered and some help. I want to upgrade my old pc video card, from my research it a standard case and has a pci express x16 slot for a video card. I have little knowledge in computer components and how they work, but im willing to learn.Some of the components are a 250w power supply, amd athlon II x2, 500gb 7200rpm, 3gb ram, but to the full specifications of the computer I have and want to upgrade:

1. Motherboard associated to my pc

2. General computer specs

The integrated graphics is not great, I want to upgrade this to a card that can play online games like vindictus on high settings some other games i hope to play on with medium- high settings runescape, Team fortress 2, and league of legends. I did some research and i was pointed to an amd radeon 6670 1gb, nvidia geforce gt 620 1gb, and a radeon hd 7750. I am willing to spend about $100-$150 on the upgrade, which may include a new PSU, video card, and a ram upgrade (4gb). Maybe you can give me some examples on what i should buy or advice. Thanks
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  1. I assume it is a 1.1x16. But it doesn't say. You probably need more power.
  2. It most likely is, it does not specify it is a 2.0 slot, and yes I will need more power (250w atm), but I need a graphics card that is right for this comp, don't want to buy one without some feedback
  3. I doubt either of those cards would get a significant bottleneck, but the 6670 would probably have a lower chance of getting one.
  4. I'd go with a 7750 personally. It runs cooler and performs better than the 6670. Plus you can Xfire it if you ever decide to and get decent mid range performance.
  5. Thanks guys, actually I will go with the 6670, since it fits my budget. Btw, it says i need a 400w powersupply for this card. Can I just buy any 400w power supply? Or does it need to be a specific type/version (ATX_)?
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