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I have one PC with two ethernet connections. One connection is a simple private LAN, as it is dedicated to being the console for an IBM server (connected directly to the server, with its own subnet). The other connection is connected to the public LAN like the rest of our computers, static IP, gateway and DNS. For some reason, when both connections are active, there is no internet access for the PC. I have to disable the "private" connection in order to update A/V, Windows, etc... The PC is always available locally for remote desktop, but cannot connect to the outside. I suspect it is trying to use the wrong network connection (and thus gateway) to reach the internet, but I cannot find anywhere to change this "setting."

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  1. do you have a Gateway assigned to the private connection?
  2. Thanks for the reply.

    Yes, the private connection is assigned a gateway (which is itself) in order for the console to properly work with the IBM server.

  3. that is the problem, you computer is trying to use the private Gateway to get to the Internet.

    if you have a private network, you might not need a Gateway assigned to it.
  4. Unfortunately that gateway is necessary in order for the console software to connect to the IBM server properly. When I try removing the gateway from the private LAN connection config, the console disconnects and can no longer see the server on the private connection.

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