Nvidia for physx with amd cards?

Hey guys, i currently have 2x560tis in sli and im about to upgrade to 2x7970 hd radeons for my triple monitor setup. What i was wondering is if i can crossfire the two 7970s and leave one of my 560tis in for physx??

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  1. yes you can but there is some coding you have to do to make it work. if you google it its out there somewhere.
  2. Last I knew you could, and at one point it involved some driver registry hacks. I wouldn't imagine it's been made impossible, but couldn't tell you how to do it myself.
  3. Not sure if it is kosher to link to other sites, but I found this information on doing what you're asking about ::


    I have a 6870, a 9800GTX, and a few hours to spare tonight. I will give it a shot myself.
  4. Google GenL physx, and you'll find what you need. But be sure you have the PCIe lanes. It is ok if the PhysX card is at x4, but not if you force the crossfire cards down to x4.
  5. IMHO it is better to go for nvidia setups entirely if you want physx. no hassle about hack to make the card work with amd gpu.unless you already have amd gpu but still want physx that's a different story.

    some people are concern with 680/670 2gb ram (not to mention the 4gb will cost much more) but i suggest you to look at this review:


    just my 2 cents :)
  6. you dont need a NVIDIA FOR PHYSX
  7. Users\user\Documents\My Games\[gamename]>bin or something it differs from one game to another>stay looking untill you find somthing called "config.ini" after that open it click CTRL+F search for nvidia or Physx untill you find it set it as TRUE
  8. ^ is it true for games like batman arkham asylum / arkham city as well?
  9. It is very easy to do with a simple .exe or a batch file to take care of the registry hacks and a modified driver to allow other non nvidia cards to be present already exists.

    The only thing that will hold you back is using an older graphics driver and a older physx driver but that is all and it will run.
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