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I have wireless internet connection on one of my pc and would like to know if I can connect the other pc to the internet thru my wireless pc by us of an ethernet cable? My wireless pc runs windows 7 ultimate and the other one runs windows xp he. Is there a wireless connectivity issues with windows 7 operating systems. Since I installed windows 7 on my wireless pc it is constantly dropping my connecting and it sometimes shows I have internet acces but can't connect? Any feed back anyone?
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  1. Yes you can. Grab yourself a crossover cable. Cat5e/6 with RJ45. Set the PC with wireless to share it's internet connection via the network connections window.

    This is the exact way my Linux PC gets it's internet connection from my Win7 PC.
  2. The wifi dropping may be down to the adapter going into power save mode or something else in the area on the same frequency.
    Try changing the channel on the router and adapter

    As for internet connection sharing just buy a router like a normal person.
    Then you do not have to leave one machine on 24/7 just to allow the other to get internet access.
    However it's probably safe to say you already have a router since you have wifi, or are you just nabbing your neighbors?
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