AMD Radeon 7770 Sapphire GHZ Vapor-X on 1366x768

As the title says, the AMD Radeon 7770 Sapphire GHZ Vapor-X on my 1366x768 LED monitor. Will it server well? Because i looked up to a GTX 560Ti but it would cost unnecessary more money because it wouldn't do much visual difference with the 7770.
Would be this a good card for me? I want to play BF3 on ultra with 50-60 fps and 40 min fps... I found some benchmarks on this resolution and they looked great! It seemed that this graphics card is a beast on my resolution. I just want a confirmation that this card will run BF3 on ultra with 50-60 FPS on 1366x768 and also if a 500 watt PSU will be enough.

I also looked up for the HD 7870 and it is better card but it's unnecessary for my resolution and i don't have plans to upgrade my monitor as it is just perfect for me.
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  1. Hey man i have a 1366x768 LED too get the 6870 for about £110 and it serves me well i get 85 fps avg ultra settings all maxed on bf3 so its all good trust me get it its good. Overkill= future proof
  2. They don't have it in the stores around my area... They only have the 7000 series and i was looking forward to HD 7870 and 7850 but they are a real overkill... And i have a 150 bucks budget... not a 250...
  3. hmmm try looking for 460, other than that go for the 7770
  4. Can somebody tell me at what FPS can i run BF3 on ultra with this gpu on 1366x768?
    My target is 50-60 avg fps and minimum 40. Will it do that or not?
  5. it will
  6. mantalic said:
    it will

    thanks :) i was looking for the gtx 460 as well but the stupid store doesn't have them, they just have cards from 2012 they said... noobs xD
  7. I have a 1080p LED tv and my sapphire runs BF4 on ultra, and it hovers around 45 fps.
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