GTX 690 cooling; fan blowing towards or sucking away ideal?

Happy day all,

I'm in the middle of my new pc build, and have a question on case fan direction.

I'm mounting a GTX 690 in an Arc midi, and have this current fan config:
1 TY 140 mounted on the bottom pulling in +pos. pres.

1 TY 140 replaced the back oem CPU exhaust -neg. pres. (read that Noctua ND 14 has efficiency problems if the exit fan is lower RPM[cfm?] than the air coming off the CPU cooler

2 arc midi fans on the front bezel pulling +2pos. pres.

Top has no fans mounted yet
Side door has no fan mounted (read that ND 14 will not allow door fan to be mounted)

I have 2 more TY 140s left and 1 Arc Midi fan left.

Question to you all is, I know the GTX 690 exhausts the #2GPU heat into case, which will be directly into the path of the incoming airflow of the higher CFM fan on the front bezel. Should I turn the top front bezel fan outward to pull the heat of the #2GPU straight out the front, and use fans on the top in +pos. pres. to feed the CPU cooler? I'm concerned the +pos. airflow into the path of the exiting GPU heat is going to reduce the efficiency. Or should I just leave the front fan blasting right into the GPU exhaust and leave the top of the case fan free for residual heat convection to escape? I know I can experiment with all these configs but I am looking for anyone's experiences with how they do additional cooling to the 690.

side-bar question:
The lower bezel fan mount looks like a total waste, 80%+ of the airflow is blocked by the lower hdd cage that cannot be removed without chopping it out. If I'm feeding air from the bottom of the case should I bother with the lower front bezel fan?

Ideally I am going for a +3/-2 or +4/-1 positive pressure configuration but if I can cut down on power/noise/etc by not installing fans in places that are not going to have a good positive or negative air movement I'll leave them off.
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  1. install the side fan as air pulling inside
    and top as exhaust
  2. profkefah said:
    install the side fan as air pulling inside
    and top as exhaust

    As stated above; the side door will not have clearance to put on a fan inside with a Noctua ND-14 cpu cooler.
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