Reoccuring problem with win7 blue screen wont repair startup hanging

Sorry wasnt sure what category this belonged in.

Got a new build for gaming and to last me for a while. 4th or 5th computer ive built, but the first one ive built that is this crazy and new.

Originally everything was working, then out of the blue i had a blue screen. I believe something happened with the cord for the PSU coming loose. Every time i tried installing anything that required a reboot the computer would blue screen during the install. After rebooting it would tell me that i should attempt to repair the computer with the startup repair utility. I tried that, and nothing. A couple times i got away with starting up windows normally. My new SSD arrived so i figured id install it and do a fresh install of windows and everything.

Now with the new drive same problem. I was able to do a bunch of updates and install a bunch of stuff. Using a snug fitting cord that will not come lose from this PSU now. Then out of the blue when running one of the big windows update installs... blue screen, and the problem starts all over.

Now instead of running into the blue screen the computer seems to not wanna install the latest nvidia drivers. I get a failed to install error. I restart and the screen hangs at the windows logo startup screen. This has happened several times now. The only way i can get windows up and running is with a clean install or using system restore for a backup i made.

I can play my games and install software that doesnt cause a reboot and half the time i wont run into this problem. I wish i had the info on the blue screen i was getting but ill be sure to post it if i see one again.

Anyone have any idea whats going on here? Ive tried everything, all i can think is that its some sort of hardware error. I installed everything perfectly tho :cry:

Heres my build:
OS: Win7 64 bit Home Premium (gonna upgrade to ultimate)

CPU: Intel Core i7-3960X

Ram: G.SKILL Ripjaws Z Series 32 gigs. - []

GPUs: 2 NVIDIA GeForce 590 GTX Classified cards in SLI mode.

SSD: Samsung 830 Series MZ-7PC512D/AM 512 gigs

HDDs: Several different unimportant WD drives for storage

Case: Cooler Master HAF X Blue Edition

PSU: Corsair AX 1200

I also have a blu ray burner installed if its of any concern, and im using an H100 hydro cooling system for my cpu in a push pull configuration.
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  2. Sorry i didnt read the entire article but if you insist i will. The reason why i didnt read the whole thing was because it sounded identical to another 2 articles i already looked up about the issue. Im fairly sure that i messed up some hardware, i hope to god not, but the case has an internally mounted fan to direct/divert more air to the GPUs and i didnt notice till after the problem started that it was pushing one of the cards down. The card works fine. I just have no idea why this problem seems to persist using the same windows install disk for 3 other computers with no problems. I had an HDD and the C drive for a while then the problem started. Got a new SSD, installed it and did a fresh install using the same CD on the same build, only difference is the SSD now. Somehow i run into the same problem.

    I wish i was seeing the blue screen so i could see more information about what went wrong, and ive considered reinstalling windows again just for the heck of it, but i feel like reinstalling and updating and doing all the work will be for not if this problem happens all over again because of what ever is the root of this problem.

    Can you shed some light on my issue with this please? Again ill gladly read the article but at the moment i feel like i already read whats in the article. Could this problem really be that simple? It seems like its not even close to being anything similar to the word simple.

    Honestly if its something that simple a reinstall would solve the problem, but that already hasnt worked...

    - Thanks
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