Worth upgrading or waiting this gen out ?

Hello all

I've been thinking of upgrading my 5770 as of late but after reading around on these forums I'm not so sure anymore.

I was looking at the 660ti for just under $300 but see people advise on the regular 660 @ <250 instead. Then some say aim for a cheap 670 if one can be found (black friday perhaps).

Then I see a lot more focus been shifted to Ati cards which makes my decision harder. They appear to give way more FPS for the buck but I'm missing certain things I want from an Nvidia card namley proper 3D support for my monitor ect.

So is it actually worth going for the 660Ti now, waiting for black friday and possibly a cheap 670 or even waiting it out till early next year and see what the 7xx series comes up with ?

Thanks for the help
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  1. PC prices continuously get better.
    The graphics card market is particularly competitive.
    At any given price point, you will get comparable value from either amd or nvidia.
    If you need a graphics update now, do it now. Just make certain it is a big jump of several tiers, or you may be disappointed.
    No doubt, if you wait, you will gradually get better price performance.
    But, then, you will wait forever.
  2. The 7xxx series are great cards. The architecture has been improved a lot. the 8xxx series will be better no doubt. But it will probably not be as big of a step up as the 7xxx series was. So if you really want to upgrade i would do it now. But if you can wait it out I would sugest so. Just keep in mind that whe na new card series come out they are rediculously expensive.
  3. ... The next series of video cards is going to be coming out in just a couple months, and, contrary to what rehiedahla is saying, they're going to be a huge jump. The 8000 series is going to be about 30% more powerful than the already-amazing 7- series, and comparable named cards are going to be cheaper.

    That being said, if you really, REALLY want nvidia, their cards are going to be coming out soon too.
  4. I suggest waiting it out till the new 8000s series comes out.
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