Graphics card stuck in PCI-e slot...

So I'm working on my system. All I have to do is wire everything up. I was going to remove my 7870 which I had to install to get a better look at some LED headers and then when I was pulling it out.... It got stuck. About half of the card is out but the lip is still stuck and won't budge (nearest to the front of the case) The PCI switch thing is unlocked (maybe it's locked? I pulled half of the card out easily. Either way I cant move it at all). I can't move the card back or anything it's just stuck. Help?
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    Why not try to remove all screw that hold down on you motherboard, then slide out a little toward the front the case with the motherboard to give less tension on the pci, and hopefully you can easily remove the graphics card with no physical damage. Hope this helps.
  2. Okay so I managed to get the GPU out by (somehow) re-seating it into the PCI lane, locking, then re-unlocking the switch and it came out easy. No damage was done to the motherboard or the 7870! :D

    My whole build went flawless except for that mishap. Yay
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