Any input on my new build before I buy?

I will be using an EVGA GTX 560ti and 650w PSU scavenged from my old PC (they were upgrades). I also have a 750gb SATA 3gb/s HD I will scavenge and use as a primary with a 1tb external HD for additional storage. It looks like the case I was going to use just had a rebate expire so I am open to suggestions on that front for sure, but I want big and flat topped. I don't care if it is big as long as routing wires and fitting components is easy and there is plenty of airflow.
to have a solid computer that can last for years and is able to be upgraded over time. This is part of the reason I went with an i5 that can be overclocked. Most of my non MMORPG gaming has been done on console for the last few years b/c my current PC is old. I currently play EVE and DayZ on my old computer with super-low settings as well as various games on Steam, but I might like to try Battlefield 4 on PC next year as well as future Elder Scrolls games.
I currently have Windows XP on my old PC. I have access to Windows 7 but I can also upgrade to Win 8 Pro for $40. It is so cheap to upgrade to Win 8 Pro, but it looks to be annoying with a ton of features/fluff I don't care about with only moderate performance increases. And the gaming world (Blizzard and Valve specifically) have bad things to say about it. I will probably be going with Win 7.
For perspective, I assembled my old AMD Athlon 64 X2 dual core 4200+ AM2-socket machine just over 6 years ago with a great ASUS mobo (M2N32 SLI-Deluxe) and an EVGA 7600 GT KO and 2gb of RAM. I played WoW and BF2142 at the time. I later upgraded to 4gb of RAM. It ran EVE and Starcraft 2 alright on the lowest settings, but Rift, Warhammer Online, and especially DayZ were choppy as hell. With the GTX 560ti I can play DayZ on low settings just fine but it is a CPU-intensive game and my mobo is PCIe 1.0 so there are bottlenecks everywhere.
My apologies for the wall of text. I have not had a chance to put together a comparable AMD machine and I am not against this as my previous PC was an AMD workhorse for years. Feel free to consider AMD-built suggestions.
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  1. Nice build, but for i5 i'd get 1600MHz memory.
  2. butremor said:
    Nice build, but for i5 i'd get 1600MHz memory.

    Wow, I had not realized that. I understood that, in general, the RAM speed was now more important than the CAS, but your suggestion prompted a more specific search and I came across this:

    Maybe I'll just drop to 1600 and save a few bucks. Any thoughts on total amount of RAM? I figure I can add two more 4gb sticks later to total 16gb if I want. Is there any reason I may want to go with 2x8gb now so I could double it to 32gb in the future?

    Edit: Right now that 2x4gb of 1866 RAM has a promo code dropping it to $39.99 so there is no price increase from 1600 to 1866 (for the next few days, anyway).
  3. Most if not all modern games use 4 GB, so even 8 Gb is kinda too much. But i'd get 8 and forgot about ram till it's time to buy new pc.
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