Help build my new pc

•Budget: 1500-3000
•More specific use (what games, what programs):bf3, cod mw3, d3,
•Planned time until purchase: 4 days
•Do you need an Operating System?: No
•Do you have any specific preferred components?: intel, Evga gpus
•Do you need a sound or wireless card?: No but would be nice
•Do you want stock cooling or do you plan on overclocking?: overclocked
•Do you need a monitor? mouse? keyboard?:4 monitors
•Zip code/location? (Shipping costs): 28303

i have a case,ssd's,hdd's and ram and im also looking for a gaming laptop as well

•More specific use (what games, what programs):bf3, cod mw3, d3,
•Planned time until purchase: 4 days
•Do you have any specific preferred components?:not really buy i like how the alienware looks
•Do you need a bigger monitor? mouse? full keyboard?: no
•Do you need a headset ? yes
•Extras info i would like a screen thats 17" or bigger
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  1. 4 monitors? Would all those 4 be utilized for gaming?
  2. yeah you are not gaming on 4 monitors. 3 maybe but i dont recommend playing with 3

    get this
  3. ^Good build, why the SandForce SSD though? The grand total is way below his maximum budget, so I think investing on a non-SandForce drive won't hurt and would benefit him.

    I would swap it with this instead.
  4. im looking for the best i can get for my price range and i will be gaming on 3 monitor the 4th will be for internet uses
  5. the sandisk extreme is a lot faster than the m4. toggle nand makes up for sandforce not so goodness.

    have you gamed on 3 monitors and when you did, have you seen a increase in performance? if not, id generally recommend not do it. my build can support 3 monitors. if you need more fps after you built it, you can add a second video card
  6. It's faster in write speeds, yes.
    Toggle NAND doesn't help with BSOD issues and inefficiency with incompressible data though.

    If write speed is an issue, I suggest either of these.
  7. i have a mushkin chronos deluxe. uses toggle nand and sandforce. no glitches no nothing. also have a regular chronos in cousins build which uses async flash. also no glitches
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