7970 Display Port Link Failure

I recently bought a Sapphire 7970 3GB OC with boost. I run three monitors on it, two 23" Acer screens that run on DVI and a 27" Asus PB278Q IPS Panel that runs on DIsplay Port (NOT mini display). I installed Windows 8 yesterday and everything runs fine except for one problem. Note: the monitors are not setup in eyefinity, just regular extended desktops with the 27" being my primary.

Every time I resume from standby and go to desktop (from the win8 start screen) I get a small error popup saying Display Port Link Failure. Nothing else happens, my resolutions or anything dont get reset and I can simply press ok and carry on with my work. Nevertheless I want to fix the issue. Is it a driver issue? monitor issue, DP cable issue or a graphic card fault? I am currently running on 12.10 Drivers.

GPU temps seem to be fine - ~42 idle and ~60 Load and there isnt any problem while playing games etc. The error only happens when i resume from WIN8 start screen and go into desktop for the first time.

Here is a screenshot of the exact error

My full Specs are
i7 950 @ 3.07 GHZ
Asus Rampage III Gene
12 GB Gskill DDR3
Sapphire Radeon 7970 3GB OC with boost @ 950/1425 MHZ
2 * 128 GB Samsung 830 SSD
2 * 1 TB HDD
Corsair CX 650W
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  1. Hi there,

    Not sure if this is relevant to yourself anymore but I had the exact same issue with the asus screen and sapphire card last night when I first set them up, just the one monitor for me with win 8 pro, I downloaded the PB278Q drivers for windows 7 extracted them into a folder and manually installed the drivers through device manager.

    Since then ive rebooted and resumed from sleep a fair few times and had no issues I "think" the issue is that without the drivers installed the system attempts to use 85hertz instead of 60 for the displayport where as with the drivers it limits 85 hertz to 1080p only.

    hopefully if you haven't sorted this issue out it helps if you have this is the top google result for this issue so will help people in future :D

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