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After going through various threads when it comes to building budget gaming PCs, I've noticed that a good number of users are not only interested in simply playing games. They are also looking to record their gameplay using Fraps or similar, editing their recordings, render to appropriate file types for Youtube and then uploading.

What I'm thinking is... do you think Tom's should focus on building a budget gaming PC that does well in both gaming and video-editing?

What strikes up this question is the fact that Tom's have been focusing on the Intel Pentium line-up. While great for gaming, they can hold back those who are looking to record their gameplay as well as edit them.
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  2. I'm referring to budget builds near the $500 mark. Even though an i5-3570K is a great performer, it is way out of reach for such budget builds. I think Tom's should step up on the CPU a bit, maybe an i3-3220 instead of a Pentium... the video-editing part can make use of the hyperthreading.
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