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Will my computer run this graphics card?

So i recntly purchased a graphics ard (visiontek radeon 5450 pci bb2 express 1gb) and i rea up on it a little too late it says it s designed for windows 7, but i have a widows vista, (specs below) i just want to know if my computer will be able to run it. i do use it for gaming.

Windows vista 32-bit (Home Premium) (SP2)
Intel Pentium dual core 2.4ghz
6.00gb RAM
Express chipset family
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  1. no problem, that "designed for" or "best on" is just marketing crap
  2. so that fancy "windows 7" sticker on the top right corner of the box is just for looks? whew... thank god. dodged that bullet, huh?
  3. in this case, yes
  4. Aye. well thanks sir. you probably saved me a lot of heart ache i would lose sleep over.

  5. You are welcome.
  6. Best answer
    Yes it will run no problem.
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