How long will 2gb vram be enough?

The title says it all....some games already go over that limit. Do you think 4gb will become standard soon? Also, this is kind of random and not having much to do with the title, but anyone know when new gfx cards series will be released from both nvidia and amd and how much better they will most likely be? Thanks
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  1. Hell no! LOL

    There are only about 2 games that can take more than 1GB of VRAM, and that's at 1080P!

    Most people don't run more than 1 monitor, let alone at 1080P.
  2. 2GB is plenty for 1080p gaming. Only some really memory intensive games like Metro 2033 come close to using 2GB (from what I have seen the most that is used is 1.5GB).

    The Radeon 8000 cards from AMD will be releasing new year-ish. From the looks of some leaked documents concerning the 8800 cards, it looks to be very competitively priced.
    The GTX700 from Nvidia has nothing solid on it so far, but I estimate they will release 3rd quarter 2013.
  3. Until the world ends :)
  4. unreal9400 said:
    Until the world ends :)

    Ten years ago, the concept of requiring more than 2 or 4 GB of RAM to run a game was unheard of...
  5. A Bad Day said:
    Ten years ago, the concept of requiring more than 2 or 4 GB of RAM to run a game was unheard of...

    and still today also for gaming purpose with single monitor(most people use single monitor) 4 GB RAM is more then enough....
  6. When you reach 2 GB Vram, its not the additional amount of VRAM that matters, its the additional memory bandwidth that is more important in high resolution 2560-1440 or higher gaming.
  7. There are only a few games that need more than 1GB at 1080p, so 2GB will last a while. The only two games I have played that come even close to using all 2GB on my card are Skyrim on ultra with high res textures from Bethesda, plus additional high rest texture mods, and Crysis 2 maxed out with high res textures.

    For single displays at least, 2GB will remain enough for a while.
  8. I'm running X2 GTX 460's and I'm doing fine with 1GB vRAM. Even in the most demanding games everything is more than playable at high settings on 1080P. Actually most games can run perfect on the highest settings. Maybe in the next couple years 2GB will be necessary but for now it's not.
  9. 1gb Vram is still quite good only a few games need more then that. The only time you need big Vram is for massive resolutions like multi monitor
  10. When 4k becomes the same standard that 1080 is now, Im sure 2gb Vram will start to become an issue....I think your safe for the time being though...

    AMD should have started to release their next gen cards by Q1 2013
  11. 2 gigs will last for years to come if you're gaming at 1080p.
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