GTX 670 & waterblock

can anyone help me find or explain to me which model of the GTX670 is for the Reference card ?

I am looking forward to buy the XSPC waterblock for the GTX 670 but the item stated that make sure it is a GTX670 reference card, so which model is the GTX 670 reference card ?

thanks guys.
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  1. The EVGA Superclocked edition is probably the best reference card out there.

    You can also go with the FTW edition that uses the 680 PCB and get a 680 block.

    The XSPC Razor series is good.

  2. Gigabyte GTX 670 Windforce 3 is also another reference card (uses reference GTX 680 PCB) so you can buy the GTX 680 block and it will fit.
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