No post/boot

Corsair 600w psu
intel dp35dp mobo
intel quad core kentsfield 2.4ghz q6600 cpu
kingston ram x2 total 2meg
Used start> shutdown on windows next morning no post? fans run, led on case shows HD spinning, led on mobo bright green. monitor in sleep mode-when monitor is disconencted monitor indicates no signal. reseated all components, removed all mem and attempted to boot - 3 beeps = no mem. tried 1 stick at a time no picture on monitor still. puchased new dp35dp mobo for direct replacement to save from having to reintsall windows. reseated all components, cpu with artic silver and still no pic on monitor - i do see the LG splash screen when monitor is turned on. Frustration = desperation paid for diagnosis from puter repair shop they say mobo or cpu, their test components(thye put in RAM, psu and gpu) did not post up my computer or show a picture on monitor. any other ideas? i have been reading forums for past week and tried troubleshooting with what i have found posted. Thank you all in advance.
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  1. So even with the new mobo it still won't post? Easiest thing to do from here is to swap out the power supply.
  2. do you have integrated graphics or dedicated graphics? also try removing the cmos batter and unplugging your computer, wait 5 minutes put the battery back in and plug it back in. if its integrated graphics and it still wont post than its probably a dead motherboard. if its dedicated graphics try using a different video card
  3. no integrated graphics, different gpu tried by repair shop, i tried spare psu so did the repair shop and same prob. this is older mobo and cpu i know but to just stop working at shut down and now new mobo poss. DOA with same exact prob. maybe the world is coming to an end
  4. id say its a dead motherboard then
  5. Thank you all for the replies. Yes before I posted on forum I did find the sticky thread you sent zdbc13. I thought maybe there was other ideas before I called this system dead. I do not intend to put anymore money in this system its 4 years old and getting hard to find parts for - cost of new mobo etc. and for the price there are newer and better builds. Thanks again
    Joe S.
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