How to tidy up?


I built a PC 2 years ago, still running but inside is a mess/jungle/maze.
The cables from PSU are too short so I can't "make them look nice". Also other excuses.
My case is antec 900. GPU is Radeon HD 5770. 1 HDD, 1 SSD, 1 DVD-writer. Stock CPU cooler.
No other PCI cards.

What are your suggestions?

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  1. Buy zip ties and cable extensions.
  2. Go to Radio Shack, Home Depot or Autozone and pick up some black plastic wire 'tubes', which allows you to place your wiring inside it for a nice, clean look. And some black wire ties, too.
  3. Cable extensions... hm... black plastic wire tubes and black wire ties... I see.
    Ok thanks.
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