GTX 670 help.

Hey guys im planning on getting a GTX 670 to run games at ultra 60fps.

Is this a good choice of a card? was also choosing the i5 3570k to run with it.

Good combo? bad combo? Any suggestions?

Thanks! :D
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  1. at 1080p u can play almost all the latest games....cpu/gpu combo is fine
  2. Good combo dude.
    That card will handle pretty much anything at max settings at 1080p.
    That's a great cpu for gaming and you wont see it bottleneck a 670.
    Also which 670 where you looking at in particular.
  3. is 670 a good deal when a 660 ti can be had for $100 less for just less than 10% lower performance which when oc'd would bring it on par with a stock 670.
    for 1080p i suggest you get 660 ti msi power edition
  4. im thinking of getting the EVGA GTX 670 FTW
  5. That's a good card, but bare in mind if you do see another factory over clocked card with a non reference cooler going out on an awesome special do consider it, because all 670's boast fairly similar performance and I don't know of any that are particularly prone to malfunctioning.
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