Hello I am purchasing most of my parts from but it's my first time purchasing from them so i am not sure whether they are a reliable company, has anyone had any experiences with them and are they a good,reliable company?

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  1. HI????!!!!! (first rule of forum is to say hi at least)

    your welcome

    you lazy sun of a gun :P
  2. they are pretty good, but i generally would buy from whoever sells the product the cheapest.

    go look at, build your rig, and then it would give you the cheapest prices for each component
  3. All the parts i am buying are cheaper at but i was wondering if anyone had any experience with them because there are mixed reviews online and i'm not sure if they are fake reviews or not...
  4. They use City Link for their deliveries, are they any good and are they fast? I am wanting to recieve my parts for christmas, i know this is highly unlikely but you never know :D
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