Broken mouse wheel, stripped screws.

Sorry if this is in the wrong place, but I didnt seem to find a forum or sub-category for mouse/keyboard issues.

Recently I clicked in my middle mouse button of my Razer DeathAdder and heard an unpleasant snap, The mouse scroll (up and down) now do not work. The middle mouse button can still be clicked in and used but the scroll has been completely disabled.

All 3 screws on the bottom of the mouse are completely stripped; just minutes ago I took the rubber pads off and tried unscrewing them for the first time ever so I know it wasn't something I did. Is there any way to open my mouse up or a way to fix this mouse wheel issue from opening it via the top part of the mouse?
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  1. Drill out the screws, carefully and take it apart and fix what is needed then replace the screws.

    See if you can find a kit to removed stripped screws that are that small instead of drilling.
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    Are they stripped or are they some sort of Hex or torque screw? If they are indeed stripped, a tool to take out stripped screws may help, but mice can be tricky to work on. You can try drilling them out, but they are typically drilled into a small plastic tube that if drilled may get thin and just snap off. I recently took mine apart because the scroll wheel was slipping on the plastic wheel. I took it apart and applied rubber cement between the plastic wheel and the rubber wheel it rides on.

    Make sure you use the largest screw driver you can to get the right amount of torque if it is a phillips screw. Using a small screw driver can strip it. A larger one might find enough to hang onto in order to get it out. The only way to get the mouse apart is those screw. Any other way would be destructive.
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  4. Thanks, youve both been helpful, I guess ill see what I can do.
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