Is this build compatible?

I am about to purchase these items very soon and I need to make sure everything is compatible for my budget build. any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Case- alrdy owned rosewill challenger u3
Psu- alrdy owned corsair cx 600 w

Gpu- msi hawk 7870
Mobo- z77 extreme 4
Ram- do I need low profile to fit? If so then g skill ares 2x4 gb 1600
CPU- intel 3570k
Cooler- eventually 212 hyper evo when I decide to oc and have money
1tb caviar blue wd

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  1. Yes, all your parts are compatible.

    I recommend you grab the low profile RAM you listed (G.Skill Ares). You'll appreciate it once you get the Hyper 212 Evo. Also, if you don't plan on doing a Crossfire or SLI configuration in the future, the motherboard you chose is a bit overkill for your needs. You could save a few dollars by going with the ASRock Z77 Pro4.

    ASRock Z77 Pro4
  2. That all looks good to me. The aforementioned Pro 4 is a good choice for motherboard if you need to save money.

    Alternately for your GPU I'd suggest taking a look at the Sapphire 7870 GHz edition - it wouldn't cost too much more than the card you already picked out and provides a more significant speed increase:
  3. Everything is compatible. I usually get low pro memory because you can run into issues with it hitting your cooler, depending on what you get. The CM Evo will probably be ok with a RAM that has a raised cooler, but really for DDR3 1600 memory you don't need a large cooler, just a metal plate to disperse the heat.

    Also, the motherboard you selected is good, especially with $15 off and Free Shipping.
  4. Thanks guys! Unless the prices change in a few days ima stick with the extreme 4 bc it will cost about The same as pro 4 with the deal and free shipping. If I decide to downgrade to the extreme 3 mobo to save money would that affect anything?
  5. Generally it will not effect anything you will just loose the features of the better board. The Extreme4 has premium gold caps, esata, more voltage regulators, and supports SLI. It may allow for a better, or easier overclock, and extended life. You have to determine the features and if they are important to you. Generally though, if you are running stock or just a very slight overclock, the Pro4 would be fine. I'd tend to lean to the Extreme4 unless you are really trying to trim the fat.

    I do see the Pro4 has a 10% off code.
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