Hd7970 not displaying on LED screen

hey everyone, i am stuck in a mind bending situation, it is doing my head in, so i have just bought a saphire hd7970 running through a hdmi cable into a SAMSUNG SYNCMASTER SA350 moniter which is a LED, so i cannot get a picture to display on it, i dont no what to try, i have a smaller moniter which is a SAMSUNG SYNCHMASTER P2370
and i have no problems running it through that in hdmi and dvi, so i am not sure what to do, the only thing i can come up with is that the bigger moniter is LED and the little 1 is not, i have also tried another moniter which is LED and it does not display on that either, any advice would be much appreciated,

my specs are

16gb ram
saphire hd7870
850w power supply
win 7
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  1. same problem as me mate, upgraded from 6870 to 7970 no display, the gpu is on and everything but no display i get beeping from the MOB though
  2. it is so annoying you no, i dont get a beep though just no screen with everything loading in background, i have tried everything i can think of and just cant think of anything else, are you running a led screen?
  3. I Dont think its that good, but its hdmi input and has worked with the last card, it needs 2x8 pin 150w each of which i have put in still no display. mine loads in the background too as i can hear it through the speakers. i'am trying a bios update at mo...
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