Best GPU for Phenom II x4 965

tell me the best GPU for my Phenom II x4 965. resolution 1920*1080. note that bottle neck must be considered. that means smooth running PC need to be built.
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  1. what's your budget? resolution? if 1080 id go for the 670/7950 ranged cards.
  2. Any card that fits your budget.
    A Phenom II 965 wont bottleneck any card except for maybe the GTX690.
  3. Do you have a budget? You can run pretty much any card out there.
  4. Yup, either GTX 670 or 7950, whichever is preferrable.

    I'd personally go for the 7950 since I own 2 and they OC like crazy, so they seem more futureproof and are much better for MSAA and stuff like that at high res
  5. is there any source from which I can check my the compatibility of CPU?
  6. Compatibility with what?
    With the mobo, comes down to the socket. Its an AM3+, so it can go in an AM3+ board or an AM3 after a BIOS update.
    For RAM, anything works on AMD systems. Just needs to be DDR3.

    Thats all there is for the CPU.
  7. tell us the budget then we will suggest you best card out there:)
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