Hi there, i need a new graphics card for my gaming computer, i only use a single 22" 1920x1080 monitor, i want to max out bfbc3 with 40+ fps, my current 6850 does high 30-40fps. im using a AMD Phenom 965 BE @4Ghz, 8gb RAM.

My choice is between :




The only reason i put the 7870 in there is because the sapphire one is not that expensive.

My budget is 165, so what gpu will suit my cpu best? whats the performance difference between them? also i would oc the card quite far.
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  1. bfbc3? I didn't think that has even been confirmed yet. Anyway the 660 and 7870 are pretty close in performance depending on the game. I have that sapphire 7870 and it runs cool and quiet. I have gotten mine up to 1150/1350 on stock voltage. With the 12.11 b4 driver there is really no more nvidia advantage in bf3. Do you have any other games you play? You will get 40+ fps in bf3 with the 7870 if you have aa on 2x.
  2. id play metro, gta 4+5, call of duty (my current gpu deals with that fine), a few race simulators. would my amd 965 bottleneck the 7870/660gtx
  3. Your 965 will be fine in most situations. Metro is a hard game to run. On high I still got lows in the 20s in a few spots, but usually was getting 60 fps. I have heard gta is more dependent on your cpu but never played it to find out for myself. I have a 3570k by the way.
  4. i had to play it on DX10 using my 6850 :P, yeah gta 4, even with details on low i got 30-40 fps and on high i got 30-40fps my friend with a i5 2400 and a 6850 gets the exact same fps as me, but hes at 3.2 and im at 4.0, so i guess my OC helps alot.

    but in my budget its either the 7850 or gtx 660. somewhere i heard amd cpus dont go well with nvidia gpus?
  5. Whoever told you that has no idea what they are talking about. You can use either nvidia or amd gpu with intel or amd cpu. It makes no difference. You get the same fps at low as high because your cpu is holding you back not the gpu. gta4 is notorious for that. Between the 7850 and 660 the 660 is more powerful, but costs more. Either one is quite an upgrade from a 6850 so get whichever you are willing buy.
  6. thanks so much, i wanted to go for the 660 cause ive never tried nvidia :)
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