Couldnt find a sub section for monitors anywhere sorry if in the wrong place.

Just wanting some info on which Monitor to purchase out out of these 2?

Samsung S24b300h 24" Full HD Ws 5ms LED Monitor

Asus Vs247h 23.6" Full HD Ws 5ms LED Monitor

The money difference is not the issue just the quality between the two.

Any thoughts?
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    Both make good monitors. I wouldn't have any concerns about either. I usually read monitor reviews from consumers to see if they have any quirky things that were noticed.
  2. i have the smaller asus vs series, its the best monitor i have ever owned, it has a beautiful display
  3. I just purchased an HP 23" LED IPS monitor for $199, and they even gave me a $15 credit since I called and asked "any specials?". Both those monitors are nice but an IPS monitor will blow either one of those away.
  4. actually the asus vs series is so near the quality of an ips panel that its not even really distinguishable. i was surprised that tn panel would have such good viewing angles and such a good picture
  5. I have the vs248 and it is not ips quality. But it is really good for a tn. You must not have used a good ips monitor. I can't find a proper review of the samsung so I can't really say for sure. But I don't think you can go wrong with either looking as similar samsung model reviews.
  6. Huge +1 here for buying an IPS panel monitor. I actually stuck with a big old CRT until I got IPS. I purchased several TN panels before my IPS but returned them all because I couldn't accept the loss of colour quality/accuracy compared to my CRT (it was a nice CRT though!).
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