Need help with new gaming build

I was wondering if this is a good build:
I would like to keep it around that price range, if there are any adjustments to be made.

Also, will the GPU fit inside the case, because I am kind of worried about that.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Some changes :

    If you'll use the system most for gaming(there's no performance difference, both are quad-cores, the hyperthreading of the i7 only gets used outside gaming with some apps like video/image editing) i recommend changing the i7 for a an i5(i5-3570k) and  with the price difference, buy a ssd with 128GB, like the samsung 830(the best) or crucial m4, which i did in the list.
    The asus is out of stock in any online shop, the msi lightning 7970 is as good, i changed the ram for the samsung(it has lower voltage, it overclocks well with timings and speeds better than the memory you chose), also for a mobo i put the msi z77 mpower, it's much better than the asus z77 sabertooth.
    Also a better psu for cheaper price, better case and monitor.
    Also changed the hdd for a cheaper one, but better.
  2. Ok thanks

    Also, if I go to Best Buy or Fry's, can they assemble it for me?
  3. Any pc store can assemble the components, see what's the cheapest price for that.
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