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Hoping someone here can help me, as I've tried just about everything with no luck. I have a Nvidia GeForce 9400 GT card with Windows 7 64-bit OS. Everything used to be fine until a few months ago. At first whenever I plugged the card back in the screen would just display the message "No Signal". But here lately it wont even recognize the card at all. I've tried downloading new drivers and updating Windows but nothing seems to be working. I'm sorry if this has been discussed already in another thread. Please somebody give me some idea of what I need to do.

Btw I have a 500w PSU and the fan on the card is still running, not sure if that helps any.
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  1. Only thing to check here would be if the card is inserted properly.

    Also check if the fans(if any) on the card spin up when you power on the PC.

    It could be very likely that your card has died
  2. The fans do spin when powered up
  3. One thing you could try is put it into someone else's PC, if it doesn't work properly then, you'll know the card is busted...
  4. Thats true...guess thats really the only option i have left....I just wanted to be sure it wasn't the MOBO in case I decided to buy another card....guess we'll find out lol
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