BIOS not loading

Hi all,
today I received all components for a new build. It consists of:
AMD FX-6300 + ASRock 970 Extreme 3 + 2x4GB G.Skill RAM DRR3-1333 (already assembled from the online shop)
NVIDIA GT 430 (1GB DDR3) PCI-e x16
HDD 500GB 5400rpm
DVD Writer etc etc.

I have inserted the graphic card in the mainboard and carefully mounted the mainboard assembly on the casing.
All connections are according to the user guide + also some help from here.
The mainboard has no video output connector, so I must use the graphic card to connect the monitor to graphic card.

Upon starting the system, it shows the screen with ASRock name, and DOES NOT LOAD THE BIOS. Nothing works, not even keyboard, hence I can't use Del or F2 key.
image of the error:

I have removed HDD and DVD drive, but the problem is still the same. Even after removing the RAM (one at a time), the same message appeared.
P.S: earlier, there was nothing being showed at BIOS (total black screen), so I reset the CMOS. And now this error is appearing everytime.
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  1. I am afraid if the mainboard or other system part is damaged ...???
  2. Doesn't look like an error to me, did you push f2 or del?

    Oops sorry didn't see your keyboard was not working, I'd guess it's plugged in through USB 3.0, either that or the drivers may not have loaded so you should use a PS/2 compliant keyboard until you can get the drivers going.
  3. I connected the keyboard through USB 2.0 (I have checked all USB ports, but none of them was working). The keyboard works well with other note books.
    Now I think I will have to buy a PS/2 keyboard ... I spent last evening trying to get a PS/2 compliant keyboard but unsuccessful, since people around me think its a "stone age" thing (like floppy disk).
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