PNY Quadro NVS 440 graphics card problem

I have just tried replacing my Nvida Quadro NVS 290 with an NVS440 card so I can run 4 monitors instead of 2 on a trading PC. It all installed fine but the mouse now moves erratically and jumps. I have contacted Nvidia who suggested an older driver but still the same problem. Any ideas to solve this? One option I did consider is to buy a second NVS 290 but I don't know if it's possible for 2 of them to work together. Any help is greatly appreciated

Motherboard: ASUS P5WD2
CPU: Pentium D 3.00 GHz
Ram: 2GB Dual Channel DDR2
Windows XP SP3
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  1. Update 1:
    Nvidia support suggested turning off the Windows graphics acceleration until they could find the exact cause. That fixed the issue but Nvidia couldn't find another solution
  2. Update 2:
    I gave up on the NVS440 and bought a second NVS 290. Problem solved . . . . anyone want an NVS440?
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