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Have a network set up but it only works on the printer and public folders. Want the network to give me full access to all computers. Desktops and laptop run Win 7. Am familiar with computers. Was an electronics tech, NOT a computer tech, for 15 years and have upgraded / built several computers for family and friends for more than 10 years.

My guess is it would be a lot easier to put what I want to share in a public folder but there is only my wife and me. Guests log onto a "guest" account on the router and do not think they would have access to any folders, public or private, no matter how the network is set up on the main account but not sure.

Don't remember specs exactly but all computers are less than 2 years old. Built desktops with AMD dual core and 6 GB ram. Laptop has Intel Centrino dual core with 4 GB ram. Router is Cisco Linksys E2000. Can get more specific specs if needed. Desktops are wired, laptop is wireless.

Where do I start?
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  1. Just saw sticky "Enabling file sharing from a Windows 7 to Windows XP/Vista Machines" and will try that. Have Win XP computer in workshop. Would be nice to have it on network.
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