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A friend has asked me about gaming, from PC, on a 3D TV. Never having done it, are there any specific requirements, for that, presumably at 120Hz. Is there any benefit to SLi, in that situation.
Many thanks.
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  1. I did it with just 1 GTX 570.

    You have to understand 3D TV's to understand this tho.

    3D TV's display 2 images to the screen (1 for right eye and 1 for left)
    these images are essentially displayed at the same time.
    To do this, system resources are split in 2 to accommodate.
    therefore, on a 1080p display with 120hz refresh rate, each eye will only see a 720p image at 60hz

    these requirements are difficult for a video card. my GTX570 did it on my Visio 1080p and 120hz. however, the resolution was VERY low for a PC display, to be able to do 3D.

    HOWEVER!!!!!! Battlefield 3 looked AMAZING!!!!!! It was so amazing that I was just looking at the incredible graphics instead of playing the game. lol. killed my K/D. lmao.

    Also, realize that in 3D gaming, you are seeing a left and a right view, so if you are trying to snipe or do any precision stuff, you are going to have a tough time, as there is no center image, only a left and right one...

    ps. Black Ops is pretty cool in 3D from my PS3 too. Zombies... nuf said. lol.
  2. What I've been trying to remember, I think I read something about, with this twin image effect, there is an actual advantage to SLi, for 3D, but I'm honestly not sure if I'm imagining that "memory". The guy was thinking of getting a GTX680. Normally I'd say that was a bit of a waste of money, over a 670, but not sure if that's true, for 3D, or even if I should be advising two lesser cards, in SLi. For 2D, I wouldn't suggest that at 1080p.
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