Upgrading Dell XPS 8300 to 7000 series AMD

Ok so who ever owns a Dell XPS 8300 might know what I'm talking about

Word has it that Dell is a big jerk who doesn't want to upgrade the old bios on the Dell XPS 8300 to support higher end Nvidia Kepler Cards. So since I can't run a 600 series card, I'd think I'll take the option to AMD's 7000 series cards. Are there any compatibility issues that AMD 7000 series cards doesn't have that Nvidia 600 series cards does?

I have two (2) issues that need resolution though. One of my options is that I can run a 580 in the old Fermi technology, but the matter is size, I have a 560ti now and its about 9 inches, I know the Dell XPS 8300 has a smaller case and it is only so long. Most of the 580's I've been seeing are 10.5 or more inches and I'm really wondering if I can insert a 580 or any of the 7000 series cards for that matter that are or exceed 10.5 inches.

the second issue is compatibility, if I can run a 10.5 inch card, then I'm going for the 580, BUT if I can I'm going to run a 7950 or better if the length is not an issue. the concern here is that Nvidia and Dell have conflict where no one with an XPS 8300 can run the Nvidia 600 series cards. does AMD have the same issue? or can I run it without problem

I've already upgraded my PSU for the 560ti, PSU compatibility is NO question, I already know the connectors on all these cards and their wattage. the main two issues are length and mobo compatibility
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  3. It should be able to support a Radeon HD 7xxx card since your Dell has a PCI-e 2.0 slot.

    If you are fishing around for an answer from someone how has that same Dell PC, then you are better off going to Dell's forum.
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