Problems with nvidia gtx 570 and windows 8?

I upgraded to Win 8, everything was fine for approx 3 days, then when I boot to win, the screen goes to sleep, I ended up botting in safe mode, uninstalling Nvidia graphics driver, and then pc will boot normal. After doing a clean install of Nvidia driver same issue occurred. I then tried the beta drivers and did the same process with the same result. Anyone else have any experience with this?
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  1. I too am having the same issue. Eventually after unplugging all my devices, changing what I use (HDMI or DVI) and doing more, I still have a blank screen. I spend about half an hour of changing what is plugged in and then eventually it works.
  2. Has anyone found a solution to this problem yet? Microsoft blames all Nvidia 500 Series video cards. However I know someone with a 560 TI and someone with a 550 and they both have not had any problems.
  3. I have yet to find a solution to this. As of now I have been running my machine without the Nvidia drivers installed. Which means inferior graphics performance and no gaming!
  4. I to have spent much time with Nvidia trying to resolve my drive problems. I can use older Nvidia cards and they work fine, the GTX570 only works after the first install, on reboot I cannot launch any games that directly access the internet or internet explorer. The problem that comes up is no directx 8 3D support on the games, but it worked just fine on the initial install.
  5. The card worked fine under windows 7
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