GTX 650 Performance on my system


My Desktop PC = Core 2 Duo Processor (2.66Ghz ~ 2.7Ghz)
biostar g41d3+ mother board
250W Power supply
Screen Resolution : 1440 x 768

Since my last VGA ( GT 9600 ) got burnt a few years ago, i want to buy a new good VGA for gaming. I just want to play games like crysis/dota 2/battlefield with good graphics and good fps.

The recommended shops in my city don't have GT Series VGA's at the moment but they do have the GTX 650 (1GB Memory, GDDR5) and its been sold for a good price.

I might buy an Intel Core i5 Processor next year or later, but for now i want to game with this System. So i want to know

1) How the game performance will be with this VGA with my current system
2) If i should wait till a GT Series VGA is available or buy this one and
3) If this VGA is compatible with my Power supply

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  1. Hi like you're self i am limited by my power supply/mobo not saying that a gtx 650 wouldn't work on a 250w psu but you are pushing the boat out a little i would worry about over drawing from the psu watched YouTube video with a i3 with a gtx 650 it was drawing around the 280w mark on a 300w psu and it couldn't power the 650ti I'm certainly no computer wizz but know its frustrating not getting any response [ ncix tec tips system power requirement ] [ 650ti review ] or some thing along those lines
  2. 650 has a 6 pin so you shouldn't be using that on a 250w cpu.

    I'd recommend the 630 to be honest if you like nvidia. Even the 640 might require more power than what a 250w psu can provide.
  3. get an antec PSU 650W+ 80 bronze costs you about 30$ other than that PERSONALLY i dont think that this GPU u chose is that good :P if you can push it up a bit for a gtx 660 would be much better
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