Is my 550w PSU and mobo good for a ati 6870(and future crossfire)?

My specs are:

asus m4a78 plus motherboard

ati 4870 512mb gpu

Coolmax CX-550b 550w power supply

amd phenom ii x4 965 be

4gb ram.

Well I recently upgraded my cpu from a athlon 64 x2 and now want to upgrade my gpu to a ati 6870 cause I read that the 6870 is a good pair with the 965 be.

What I would like to know is my 550w good to handle a single 6870 and also do you think it will be good also if I wanted to crossfire it in the future?

Please someone help confirm both my motherboard and PSU.

You can read my power supply specs here:

and my motherboard specs here:

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  1. The PSU is too weak for crossfire, plus it does not have enough pci connectors. Even if you used the molex adapters it wouldnt be able to support crossfire.

    As for the motherboard it appears to support crossfire, but it only supports DDR2 memory so you may want to look into something newer and get some faster RAM.

    Watch for newegg sales, this black November looks promising for cheap components!

    Good Luck!
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    Doesn't stand a chance for crossfire if you want to crossfire i suggest you get a PSU LIKE A Antec Earthwatts green 650PSU + 80bronze ;)
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