XBMC BUILD-advice please.

I want to build a cheap fast sturdy little compact machine..

how about this case?


only 60watt power supply!!! should I be worried? then again my laptop is probably the same..

i3 intel cpu.. I'd like something up to the task

mother board also, fast sturdy realible, cheap.. should be able to support my NAS.

no graphics card, so I was thinking getting a quiet 55wat cpu with good onboard graphics.

I will go with a 2.5" 7200rpm hdd, 1T.
I thought ssd, but again, to expensive..

this machine is for my living room, for my 3 year old and my daughter to enjoy movies from XBMC
play you tube videos, use skype, and chrome..

what am I missing?

ohh yeah RAM.. 4gig will be enough?

thanks guys..

yeah the case is worrying me.. will it be ok? I mean I don't want this thing over heating ..

here is a look at the case , with all parts inside.. just scroll down..



G680 Intel sandy bridge.
Asrock H67
corsair 4gigram
SSD samsung 64gig

what do you think?

power supply.. just something cheap around 20 bucks.

all this for around 300 bucks..
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  1. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16856119066. This is another possibility from newegg, but looks like you can't order from them. This board won't run ivy bridge cpus such as the 3220, but foxconn may send you a replacement bios chip. The link isn't the best, the item I'm referring to is the foxconn rm3-h2 barebones for $69.99.
  2. I think you could go G540 Celeron, save a few dollars. I'm not sure what the Pentium gets you for this build that you don't get with the cheaper Celeron.

    I'm not sure about that case...it is listed on newegg as a server chassis. Why not get a case that is designed as an HTPC case?

    Here are two cheap possibilities that come with built in PSU:


    Both get pretty good reviews.

    For RAM, 4 GB should be fine, but make sure to get 1066 or 1333.
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