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I recently came into some money and am looking to spend some on my gaming rig. right now its pretty budget and sorry i do not have exact name specs which is very useful i know but anyway heres what i got.

8gbs ram
550 watt psu
MSI Twin frozr 660ti

i can get skyrim on high/ultra and maintain really good fps but i want better. i was thinking about upgrading to a 680 but after some research it seems a 670 would be a smarter choice as difference is negligible. would I see a much better improvement or should i sli another 660ti and upgrade my psu.

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    I wouldn't get anything. Not to be mean, but the 660ti isn't that great of a card. I would wait for next year's amd and nvidia series to come out. No gpu you get right now is going to be a significant enough improvement on what you already have.
  2. log into register, and start yourbuilding there I't a great place to get 1 started, link what you have after you are dune and we will be happy to help. List the $ amount you dont want to go over as well and what you pan to youse your system for. have fun :)
  3. Probably upgrade your CPU to an i5-3570K - that would give you high framerates more consistently. Unless you're gaming at higher than 1080/1200 your current card should be giving you Ultra at an average of 60fps or higher.

    Your target resolution, settings (including mods), and average framerate would be helpful.
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