CD Burner on Sata I?

So, I'm building my rig and was plugging in my cd burner,
On the product page, it says that the max speed is the CD-ROM read speed at x48 which if I can do math is ~7MB/s which is nowhere near the throughput of SATA I. So I was wondering if I plugged it into SATA I to free up the SATA IIs then would there be any implications?

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    Unless your using an old motherboard, there wont be any SATAI ports on the board.
    Though if there were, no. All the SATA revisions are forward and backward compatible, can plug any of them into each other and it will work (if at a slower speed because reduced bandwidth).
    Chances are the connection on the drive itself is SATAI, mine is.
  2. what is your motherboard name and model ? the first thhing is to plug the hdd with the os on the fisrt sata port on the board could be name sata 0 or 1 then the dvd drive on the next to it and that will work.
  3. oh never mind. its a sata II port.
  4. thanks.
  5. and ASRock Extreme4 Z77
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