Asus S96SP Display 6 small screens, 16 bit? Graphics failure

Hey, to illustrate my problem: ...
My laptop has been doing this since july 2012, every time I get a bluescreen with some nv-something.dll error and after a restart my screen is seemingly 16-bit, laden with green and pink artifacts and split into 6 separate small displays. I know the issue is most likely my 8600m gs chip, I've cooked my mobo several times in an oven, every time I get 3-5 weeks of normal function out of my laptop.

But now I'm getting tired of this sh... Is there a way to fix the issue permanently without replacing my mobo (with an identical faulty one probably)?

Fixes I have tried: F8 -> 640x480 reso; driver uninstall-reinstall + different drivers; startup repair-> every possible action; clean install of Windows; cooking the mobo (only temporary fix so far).

Thank you for your attention.
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  1. If you have to "cooked" your mobo to fix it, it is a hardware problem, no software is going to fix that.
  2. True, but it is not a complete failure of the video chip, I had that with my HP pavilion 6700. Symptoms were blank screen, no BIOS and so on. This however seems to be related to drivers (bluescreen nvidia dll error). Yet I am not a specialist, so I would just like to hear if someone has had experiences with this kind of failure or if anyone can suggest some fixes. Google search gave me no useful solutions.
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