Is my SysSpecs are any good for any of these?

Yo guys, 'sup?

Go straight to the point, shall we?
I'm planning on buying (well, downloading more likely) Darksiders 2, Saint Row, and (maybe) Prototype 2.

My SysSpecs are :
OS : Win7 Ultimate 32b
Proc : Intel i5-3570 3.4GHz (Quad, of course)
VGA : NVidia GeForce GT 220 2GB

So what do you say?
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  1. The gt 220 is not made for playing games. If you play at 720p with low settings then you might be ok but then again I don't really think 720p is a good resolution to be playing at. Interestingly I looked at a video of someone running prototype 2 on a gt 220 and it played better than my 560 ti does which I doubt really happened, I would guess the video is a fake.
  2. Thx for a quick reply (didn't expect it to come this soon tbh), Darkoil!

    Wanna clarify a thing here, I've yet to review my VGA (of all the items, that's the only one I didn't buy personally).
    Spend the last few minutes exploring this forum, got pretty much the same answer as yours...

    So now, question is, what say you 'bout a decent (in regard with the price), VGA?
  3. I'm not sure what "decent" price is :) name a range?
  4. Uh, um, guess it would be kinda hard since my currency is kinda... confusing.

    Drop the "price" part, it's easier I guess.
  5. First, buy 64-bit Win7. 32 bit is already gimping your machine - you're losing 2gb of RAM.

    as for the graphics card,,3107.html

    good luck!
  6. Thx for the answer, quilciri :D
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