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Gtx 550 ti vs gtx 650

plz suggest me the best graphic card for my pc.

My rig
intel core2duo e7300@ 2.66 ghz
4gb ddr2 ram
window 7(32 bit)
gigabyte 945GCM-S2L( PCI-Express)
Monitor-Samsung Syncaster S20B300 (1600*900).
Corsair CMPSU-430CXV2UK 430 Watts PSU(28A at +12V rail, 80+ certified).

i recently upgraded from gt 430 ddr3 to hd 7750 ddr5,but not satisfied,had some resolution and colours issues(stated in my older thread-"hd 7750 having poor display problem").so i am planning to buy a new one and need your suggestion.

Which one is better for my pc,gtx 550 ti or gtx 650,that will not bottleneck with my rig.

also need suggestion on some points below.
1. videobenchmark show that both cards almost perform equally but gtx 650 is more efficient due to kepler architecture.
so,any pros and cons of kepler over fermi architecture(for my rig).

2. my motherboard has PCI Express.gtx 550 ti has PCI Express 2.0 slot and gtx 650 has PCI Express 3.0 slot.
so which one is better compaitable for my motherboard w.r.t. performance drop.

3.which memory version card is best suited for my old rig- DDR3 or DDR5.
ddr5 are twice faster than ddr3,so can my old rig handle ddr5 cards?(i m confused because my hd 7750 is ddr5,and it failed in performance in comparision to gt 430 ddr3 card).

if my pc gets bottlenecked with the above mentioned cards,should i choose gts 450?

i am really confused,please suggest me as i am already disappointed with hd 7750.(want to play games at 1600*900 resolution).
I dont want to upgrade my processor and motherboard right now.
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  1. 1.The 650 is a better choice. the 550ti isn't really just a bad card.
    2. Your going to get still better performance with the 650 no matter your PCI slot.
    3. DDR3 or DDR5 doesn't make any difference in the actual performance of a card. And the 7750 would beat the gt430. That leads me to ask how was your performance worse than the gt 430?!
  2. Wait I know why. Your cpu is bottlenecking. You'll see no performance increase with the 650 then.
  3. thanks for replying.i tested hd 7750 on "nfs the run" but the image or game quality (i mean to say that colour resolution,colour effects,shining colours ,colour details,textures) are worse than gt 430.the game was looking more realistic on gt 430.also the game lags after some interval and it happens i canged my old psu and bought the new corsair 430.but still having the same issue
  4. i have tested hd 7750 on mass effect 1,2 & 3,nfs the run,hot pursuit 2010 and darkness 2.but the game colours of all these were looking better in gt 430.hd 7750 is missing that colour shineness in these games. i tried every setting in catalyst control centre and also changed monitor setting,but still didnt get such colours contrast and shineness.if the problem is due to bottleneck,should i buy gts 450
  5. the big difference is the 650 is a waste of money and the 550ti is a bigger waste of money. A 7770 or a 7750 is a better choice.
  6. but hd 7750 is not performing well .is my cpu bottlenecking?
  7. out of the two the 550ti is faster
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    hi mate
    what you need to remember is your running a core 2 duo E7300 which is a excellent cpu but because of its age the HD7750 is simply too fast and will create bottlenecks ....
    you may be better off going for a previous generation mid range card which would be more balanced with your older core 2 duo based processor ..... a card such as the "XFX GTX260 "( ) would actually produce good performance with your current set up..... granted its quite a old card however it was released around the same time and was used by thousands of gamers with similar cpu,s
    its specifications are not too shabby aswell .. these include a 576mhz core clock and 896mb of gddr3 memory running at 2000mhz effective ... theres also a mammoth 448bit memory interface and this results in a 111.8gb/sec memory bandwidth which is actually higher than both the GTX550ti and HD7750
    half the problem when guys upgrade their graphics cards is they dont consider the other components in their pc.... for example a mate phoned me asking me why his geforce GTS450 wasnt producing the results he expected... and after i asked what cpu he was using he answered " oh a athlon64 3200 " ... well theres your problem .... that cpu is around 11 years old now and the GTS450 is around 3 years old
    thats a massive age difference and this is going to hold back the GTS450 .... so thats why i recommending you opt for a older card which should produce better results than a newer card ( which is more appropriate for sandybridge/FX cpu,s )
    many may disagree with me on this.. however im only going off experience ... and its why many people still buy pre built gaming pc,s from manufactuers such as dell and cyberpower.... ok your going to pay a premium when its built for you ,however you know the components will be balanced and will produce good results
    for a good selection of older graphic cards ( both new and graded ) check out :
    hope this helps
  9. bro,i think that core 2 duo was released in 2006 to 2008,so how could be that 11 yrs old(source wikipedia).dont mind,someone said that i can even run gtx 460 on core 2 duo without bottlenecking.waiting for ur reply
  10. It is impossible to know if a gpu is going to be bottlenecked. The only way you can tell is in practice. Also, spykar, don't be disrespectful to people that are trying to help you with your problem. Why would we want to help someone who is being an jerk?
  11. i apologize bro,i didnt mean to disgrace anyone,i know everybody who replies, wants to help me,and i am very thankfull to them.
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