Nfs most wanted (2012) low performance on 7770

Why most wanted is giving 30-40 fps even when playing at mid settings?

My Specs:
i5 2500k @3.3ghz
Corsair 8gb Ram
Ati radeon hd7770

Tell me if there is a prob with game or my gpu cant handle it?

Thank You.
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  1. It was runnin rubbish for me until I updated it.
  2. Darkoil said:
    It was runnin rubbish for me until I updated it.

    The best part is am using the crack version.So problem is with the game right?
  3. problem could be from you using the crack lol. you know sometimes game dev purposely cripple the game on release and then release day 1 patch just so they can screw up guys that pirate the game.
  4. HaHa, he got hit by that trick. That's pretty funny.
  5. thats game prblm..not worry about ur gpu..
    I can play NFS mostwanted 2012 on max out settings 30-60 fps
    My system spec..
    CPU = AMD Athlon x2 270 3.4 ghz(without OC)
    RAM=4GB(Only testing,totaly i have 8Gb)
    HDD=1.5 TB(1TB WD+500 Segate S-ATA)
    Monitor= SAMSUNG 32" LED TV 1080p
    PSU=450W Mercury
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