Monitor water damage

Hi. I'm not sure if I should post this here but my monitor has been ''flooded'' and I've let him dry 3 days.
Well, it works but I think there is water somehow inside the display and it looks so:

Does anyone have an idea to solve this? Thanks.
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  1. looks like you have water between the panels of the display. Only way around this is if you dis-assemble it, let everythign air-dry a few days (rubbing screen materials with a cloth can cause issues), and then put it all back together.

    Even then, depending on how clean the water was, there may be residue that will be there forever which means a new screen.

    Either way, I would not run it while there is water present. So unplug it, and good luck!
  2. Yup, that's water between the panels. The problem with just letting it sit to dry is that the wet environment can cause mold to grow. If that happens the monitor is pretty much trash.

    You may want to try to accelerate the drying process using a desiccant (like the little white bags which say "DO NOT EAT" on them).

    It's hit and miss how well this will work. If the panel has very tight tolerances, it might not work well at all. And as caedenv said, even if it works you might still have some residue or hard water spots left over.

  3. The monitor looked like in the upper image and I dissasembled t with my father until there were some layers of plastic sheet, which were transparent or changed the image if you would look through them, totally there were 3 of them.

    After that we carefully took every sheet and it had some water and two of them had some stains that wouldn't go away only with a cotton cloth. Then we took some medical alcohol and sprayed it in low proportions and used a hair dryer so it vaporizes and there wouldn't be any stains on it, which worked.
    You should be careful that you don't scratch or put your fingers too much on it.
    After that we put it together and it worked excelent with no problem and the display was clear.

    I hope you guys find this useful!
  4. Sorry that the pictures are so huge. I uploaded them with full size.
  5. good work! That is no small task!
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