Hd 7750 or 6670? Is the performance that drastic?

I need to decide on a graphics card, and have settled on two different options- the hd 7750, and the hd 6670. I know the superior card. The 7750 is the 110 dollar alternative that can run modern games on max settings, and will give me far cry 3 free from newegg. However, the hd 6670 is the lower price alternative, and will probably run the games I want it to (portal 2, source games, crysis (maybe), cs go, torchlight 2, and other low power games. HOWEVER: i might get further into pc gaming, and if thats the case, I want to have room to grow. The hd 7750 seems like it would be better for that. Power is also a concern, (220 watt psu). If neither of these cards are good and you can find me something better fit for me, that would be great. And btw, i don't have a power hungry processor.

PS don't tell me to get a new psu please, i don't want to have to do some heavy upgrading on my pc. If its the only option, tell me if its an easy job or a difficult one (unscrewing some parts inside the case). I have a slimline btw.
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  1. The 7750 is about 50% better, and uses less power.

    I'm probably going to have to tell you to get a new PSU. Its kinda like saying despite having a blown tire, you don't want a new tire.

    Do you have a limited budget?
  2. Well, I do have a budget for psu. About 40 dollars is my limit. For gfx cards, I'd like something under 110. The reason i dont want a new psu is because I think it might be too difficult and don't want to mess withm my computer too much.
  3. Its not all that hard, but at that budget you aren't going to do much better than what you have.

    Can you give me some information on the current power supply in the system?
  4. Sorry, haven't cracked my case open yet. But I really just want to get a video card that will run on my current psu. Lol, sorry, but my budget won't allow for any great upgrades and im trying to stick to a gfx card only purchase. Any suggestions?
  5. You may experience problems even with the 7750. We can't in our right mind tell you to get a gpu and it not to work. Sorry.
  6. with something that old and possibilty that proprietary, are you sure you even have a pci-e slot?
  7. i think 7750 is about 20-30 percent faster than 6670. for the psu try at least to get 300w psu.
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