Computer makes it to 'Starting Windows' screen then resets.

Hey there everyone, I just bought a new CPU and motherboard (i5-3470 and ASUS P8B75-M-LX)
I installed them today, but the problem is, everytime I boot, it makes it to the Windows Starting screen, then resets back to the BIOS screen and goes to the screen with either 'start windows normally' or 'open startup repair' I've used the startup repair, it couldn't fix anything, so I have no idea what to do. Please help :S

The rest of my System is a GTS250 1gb and 8gb of 1333Hz DDR3
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  1. If you are using an old hard drive with windows already on it, that may be the problem. Not exactly sure why this happens but it happened to me as well when I switched out my CPU and motherboard but kept my hard drive. I reinstalled windows and it worked for me.

    Hope this helps. Good luck.
  2. Like Nawit said. It happens if you are using an old install with new components, because the drivers aren't right. When windows boots it loads drivers and all sets of settings specific to the motherboard, and other components. Different Mobo = Wrong Drivers, and it blows up. A fresh install will take care of it.

    This is of course assuming that you didnt do a fresh install already. If you did, you might have corrupted install, or dying hard drive. So trying a fresh install would be a solution there as well.

    If there is data you want on the hard drive, you can try booting in safe mode, or installing on a different drive, and plug that in and pull data off it.
  3. since you change the board you will have to reformat the drive and install the new motherboard driver on the drive back up all the data you need and reinstall the os.
  4. you may be able to boot into safe mode and remove all of the older mb drivers and stuff and then be able to reboot into normal windows.
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