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Lost..additional PS connection for new graphics card

Last response: in Graphics & Displays
November 2, 2012 11:33:04 PM

I am at a standstill for where to connect the additional PS connection for my new GTX 660. Did lots of homework before buying it, etc., talked with Nvidia Support, but still don't know. I have a Gateway FX 540S, with existing Nvidia GeForce 8600 GS. PCI Express. It has a 700w PSU which I thought would be ample for the new card..specs for computer...

I installed the new card no problem but don't know where to connect the additional PS connector. There is a vacant 4 pin male connector nearby with outside red and yellow wires, with 2 black wires on the inside. The Molex adapter that came with the new card is a six pin on the card side, and the two connectors coming out of it are female with 3 wires each, outside yellow and brown & one black in the middle for each.

The Nvidia Support person said I needed a LOGISYS AD201 12v Molex to 12V 6Pin Adapter to make it work. But what about the second connector? Do I just connect one and leave the other unconnected or get a pass thru to connect both? I called Gateway to find out where to connect, but they couldn't help, and did advise not connecting it, to which I can understand their position.

So, I am at a loss and I have spent a day trying to find an answer. Certainly don't want to chance creating any problems without knowing what I am doing, and now I am wondering if my PSU would need to be replaced just to accomodate the new card. Wouldn't think so, but at this point I am frustrated with what I though would be a simple project.

Appreciate any help.
November 3, 2012 2:16:28 AM

Rockdpm said:
The gtx 660 requires a PCI express 6pin power connector.

Should look like this .....

Now it to plug it into your card you have to buy about 5 or 5 adapters.... just kidding

Find the black power ports on your card and plug the above matching cable into the ports like this:

Thank you for your reply, I understand where to connect it into the card port, just don't know which/where to plug it in on the PS side. I looked a little more closely in the case, and noticed a couple of open 6 pin connectors on the opposite side of the case kinda hidden. Would need to get an extension to make them reach the card, or would that be the adapters your speaking of?

Again, I don't know which ones to connect. Without a schematic, can I rely on wire color coding to determine 3, 5, 12v, or use a voltmeter? Then, trace them back to see where they originate?

It is a pretty busy case, but guess I could trace them back to the PSU?