Random Shutdowns (No BSOD)

Ok, so I built my PC some time back and for a good while everything was fine. This is probably my fourth homebuild but I'm in no way an expert, just lucky not to have had any problems I guess. Well, recently I was having problems with BSOD's. The symptoms pointed to HDD failure. After running CrystalDiskInfo, it reported that my main HDD was on the way out. I backed up my data, bought a new HDD, did a fresh install of Windows 7 64bit Ultimate and everything appeared normal again. Then I started receiving more BSOD's. The culprit this time was something to do with ntoskrnl.exe and a different driver every time. As I understand it, this isn't too much help in diagnosing the problem.

I tried various things software related including ComboFix, sfc /scannow, chkdsk /f /r. Then I stumbled across DriverScanner in another forum. A free 12 months registration was on offer so I gave that a go and updated all my old drivers. Everything seemed fine after this and I was happy that I had beat the problem! Only I hadn't. Now I'm getting random resets with no BSOD. Event Viewer comes back with Critical Kernel-Power problems., and lots of them.

I've got CPUID running and the only thing that looks suspicious (to me) is CPUTIN running at 80-90deg, AUXTIN showing a max of 127deg, TMPIN3 showing a max of 126deg and TMPIN4 124deg. These last 3 are only max's and are currently at normal sub 40 temps. SpeedFan is showing a CPU temp of 89deg. This may be the cause or just a symptom.

Having read various related threads I see people posting various scan results and reports to aid in diagnosing problems. I'll be perfectly honest here, I have no idea where to start. If I could find somebody with a little patience to walk me through I would be most grateful. Any information you need, please just ask.

Intel i7-2600 @ 3.40GHz
2x2GB Corsair RAM 1600MHz
Radeon HD 6870
Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit

Kindest regards
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  1. the cpu temp to hot...your cooking the cpu..open the case and see that the cpu fan in plugged in and moving. if it is see that you did not knock the cpu heat sink off the cpu. your cpu should be in the 30-50c range depending on the temp of your house and the airflow of the case. use hardware monitor make sure the cpu temps are read right and it not the gpu temps or case temps.
    also make sure there no dust clogs inside the pc..also check that where the pc is there airflow. a lot of desk dont have airflow and pc frys.
  2. Thanks for the reply Smorizio. I did remove all the fan filters and clean them before replacing. My case has 2 top fans which seem to be running a little slow so I'll look at speeding those up if possible. The CPU fan is spinning normally but I didn't look too closely at the heatsink which I shall do now. I'll also try moving the PC to another location to monitor temps.

    Do you think the temps are the main cause of the shutdowns/resets?
  3. cpu have built in over heat protection..when they trip the mb will shut off no bsod.
  4. Ok, so after a good clean of chasis fans, I've removed the CPU fan and heatsink. Things were quite dusted up so they were cleaned and dried. Old thermal paste removed with cleaner and new paste applied. Everything put back together, fire her up, and still CPU temps are in the 80's. What could be causing this high temp, and what can I do to resolve it?
  5. Quick update - Both SpeedFan and CPUID programmes showed CPU temp as over 80deg. I tried RealTemp which gave 4 readings of 28/30deg.

    Does this mean that both SpeedFan and CPUID are incorrect? Or is RealTemp incorrect? Now I'm very confused!
  6. Is the heatsink properly seated and tightened.
  7. ss202sl said:
    Is the heatsink properly seated and tightened.

    Yes, as far as I can tell it is correctly seated and tightened. I don't think CPU temp is the issue here and maybe it was a red herring, as the ASUS Suite shows temperature as a steady 29deg. I'm presuming ASUS Suite is more reliable than SpeedFan and CPUID? Also, CoreTemp and RealTemp both display CPU temp as between 28 and 30deg.
  8. I left the PC running whilst watching TV this evening and came back after about 2 hours to find that ASUS Suite was displaying a warning that my Mobo was at -60deg. That's below freezing! Presumably the sensor is playing up, but I do hope that's all this is and I'm not looking at a replacement mobo.
  9. I suspect this is an issue with temperature monitoring from the mobo, however i did not get the BSOD you're talking about.

    I have almost the same setup as you do, with a hefty cpu/gpu overclock and a different GPU;

    ASUS P8P67 regular edition,
    Intel i7-2600 @ 4.60GHz
    2x4GB Corsair RAM 1600MHz
    Nvidia GTX 580 SC @ 900 Mhz,
    Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit

    ASUS suite often states my cpu is -120 degrees celcius, and does say stuff like "the 12V rail is at -0.05V", it actually reports it annoyingly often. Not only ASUS AI suite II but others also stated the same exorbitant temperatures and voltages to me. Among others SpeedFan and CPUID.
    I assumed t was a Mobo/software temp reading related issue. I stopped worrying about it anyway and did not have crashes (apart from overclocking ones) since I got my PC stable over a year ago. And my PC is still working like a charm :)

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